Welcome to Anonymous Rants

Dear Potential Ranter:

Welcome to Anonymous Rants!  The purpose of this blog is to give humanity a tool for venting.  Here we dedicate this safe space as a place to anonymously spew on the minor irritants which seem to frustrate us daily.   There are no small upsets, as each are equally disturbing to our peace of mind.  Therefore, I dedicate this sacred space to help you get a few weights off your chest.  

Anonymous Rants is not about focusing on the  justification of anger, because I truly feel that anger itself is not justified.  What I mean by this statement is that anger alone rarely leads to responses supporting healing or balance.  In fact, usually when we choose to see through our angry eyes, we choose to lose out on the potential for healing and/or balance in our life experience.  However, neither do I feel that all anger must be swept under a rug of suppression and denial.  We all need a safe place to process our anger, look at it again from a different observation, and then potentially help ourselves to choose beyond its limiting perspective. 

Anonymous Rants is a blog to be used exactly for the seeking of release and reframing, rather than restriction and revenge. 

Within these words we will not support the victim mentality or calls for attack.  Anonymous Rants is choosing to remain neutral.  All comments are welcome, but those that contain support and inner reflection of our own learning are most welcome.   

PLEASE NOTE:  Rants that contain threats or verbal abuses will be deleted.  Clearly this means no racial slurs, threats of violence (verbal, emotional, sexual and/or physical), personal accusations or anything slightly considered similar in nature.  Our rants are meant to be safe for us as well as all others who visit this space.

Feel free to use humor, internal inquiry (e.g., why in the world do I?) and just plain silliness to add an air of lightness to your rant. Feel free to use creative expletives (e.g., F&*K!) if you feel it is necessary.  Judgment of other’s rants is not welcome, however if you’d like to supportively comment, feel free.

If you would like to post a rant, please email me directly with your rant at anonymousranter@aol.com

Remember, we are here to help ourselves spew and not strain. 


The Anonymous Ranter

August 2022